The Pocket Guide To Health Promotion

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Books and health education resources. Throughout the years, the Centre has published different kinds of books, teaching materials, and guidelines regarding Health Promoting School and healthy living style. The focus of this text is comprehensive health assessment, which includes the collection of subjective and objective data. The nurse collects objective data during the physical assessment.

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To help readers use this guide effectively, the following features were developed for the body system chapters, chapters 6 through New to this edition of the pocket guide and main text is Chapter 3, Assessment of Vulnerable Populations. Pocket Guide - Portuguese Description Item Number: FP This pocket-sized safety guide prompts women to ask themselves whether they are in a healthy relationship, or if they have experienced reproductive coercion, forced sex, birth control sabotage, forced pregnancy, or violence by an intimate partner.

The Pocket Guide to Health Promotion

Designed to help women recognize how their intimate relationships may impact their reproductive health and their children's health, this guide also provides information for safety planning and referral. Developed by the Futures Without Violence program. Order Print Copies.

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