Easy Programming for the Z. X. Spectrum

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The demo source code is available as well as a video and download file for the binary. The source code is indeed very C -like which will for sure, lower the bar for new developers that are not acquainted with the daunting lower level machine language.

Easy Programming for the Z. X. Spectrum (Shiva's friendly micro series)

Based on commands like Screen. The project seems to be in early stages, but the results so far are very promising! October 4, July 7, May 25, How about them helping to avoid tons of bugs in the compiler and providing accurate error messages? I guess we will know more when the author releases the compiler. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Book review: ZX Spectrum BASIC – Observations from Uppsala

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Retro Revisited: Manhattan Dealers. Scene World: English version of video interview with Wolfgang Back released. My name is Felix. I grew up with the Speccy. On my first day with the machine, having neither games nor a manual, I just poked at it until something worked: printing a number, and drawing a short line. Could never give up programming again after that More recently I made a couple of Spectrum games using the ZXBasic cross-compiler , but that can be quite involved, so despite my best intentions a third never materialized even though the second one has been my greatest success so far.

I did have a plan however, which will end up being repurposed for this jam. It's very modest, but hey, the point is having fun, right? So unless something goes wrong, count me in. This looks fun. Mainly learning from the magazine type ins.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Machine Code Programming Tutorial #1 Intro

Though I'll probly do the game with the 48k in mind as thats the spectrum that I'm fondest of. Another one joining.

Explaining Functions

Will try to submit something. If you did some programing in the meantime, you'll tear your hair out by the limitations. Tip: plan the layout of your source code in advance.

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Anders from Sweden here. Then, I was already hooked. Welcome Anders! I too am a software developer because of the humble Speccy. Your javascript parser looks good! Andy here.

Hello World

Had an '81, then a Speccy. Did a lot of recreational programming back then, dabbled with assembly. Done a lot of hobby programming since currently enjoying Arduino things , but I still return to the Spectrum. It's so comfortable! Today I've messed around and decided on what I'm trying to do - faffing and seeing how fast I can make things move as I'm trying for something arcade-game-y. I'm using the attributes to check for collision, and having a lot of fun. I might even be up to the stage where I am 'designing levels' - ooh ya. I'm going to knock together something crude to do that on the speccy too - if I have time maybe it'll be a level editor too!

Great stuff! Imaginative approaches to the limits of Sinclair BASIC is a lot fun to solve and there's a great feeling when you get something that works really well. Wohoo, i just "won" a game against myself in my game!

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Well there is no win state in the program yet, but i finished the goal. Adding win check will be easy plus i have to add check for no possible legal moves. But after that 2 player version is done and i'll start to work on AI. Hello, I'm Matteo Trevisan aka Toolkitman, i started with my first basic computer with a C64 at 6 years old in 84'. I never used a Spectrum until this year that i found fuse emulator and i made by myself a fully recreated compatible keyboard working also with my built ZX Sinclair Spectrum system for Raspberry pi.

I started programming some games with the book of Gary Plowman and able just to code in Applesoft and Microsoft Basic i made my own programs and games. I hope to be soon an owner of an original and true Sinclair Spectrum. In this Jam session i have published some games and soundtracks i have made. I hope you all enjoy my works.. That's admirable, starting out with old 8-bit machines so long after they stopped being a thing.

How do you find the platform so far, seeing as you haven't grown up with its limitations the way I did? Have fun and there is plenty of time of work on your ideas. ZX81 is fun, I hope they are giving you one with 16k ram pack :. Thank you Gazzapper! It's really beautiful see something born from nothing. For the Computer it's a Timex Sinclair Hi everybody! My name is Marco, I'm from Italy.

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I still love old computers and particularly Sinclair machines and In my little free time I like to develop simple programs for them, mainly using C, but I am also learning Assembly. Sorry, no.

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