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Title: Cyclomancy- The Secret of Psychic Power Control

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Jan 5, I am so glad to see some interest in this challenge. I am going to compile a list of fonts interested and tag yall in the lesson posts so that we keep on top of this challenge this year as well as stay motivated. I think it is also a great idea to know what our goals are for this book and state them so that we have motivation to keep going.

Thanks x 2 Hugs! My goals for the Cyclomancy Challenge written in present tense 1. I have my magickal powers back for good. I have more than enough money to sustain myself and to pay back all my debts in full. I am free to do whatever I want and go wherever I want without restriction on this Earth.

I lift and encourage people daily to seek their own power to better their lives. I am interested and will download the book. I will follow up with my thoughts. Going to read lesson one and begin tomorrow. Excited to tap into my potential. Lesson 1: How the fantastic potential of your primitive autoconscious can work for you. It was well developed in us as infants, but as we grew older and our cerebral cortexes developed, we seemed to have lost these abilities.

This part of our brain remains dormant in us and under involuntary control, which if reawakened even by a fraction can give us psychic and physiologic power beyond our imagination. Scientific Proofs of the Primitive Autoconcious There are two scientific proofs which show that anybody can awaken their primitive autoconscious to change their whole life forever.

These are: 1. Syphilis - Which is a pathological disease that imitates any disease in patients infected with the STD Trreponema pallidum.

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It is also known as the great imitator as it can involve any organ and tissue making it have numerous clinical manifestations a few years after infection if left untreated. For example, a soldier in the battlefield who witnesses his comrades getting blown to pieces and suddenly becomes blind, even though his eyes are in perfect condition. Now imagine if you had the same control over your primitive autoconscious mind as a patient suffering from psychosomatic disorder the feats and wonders you could achieve in your life! Parts of the Primitive Autoconscious Anatomically, your primitive autoconscious is divided into ten parts of the brain.

Driving psychic power to parts of the body Steps 1. Give the command to your conscious mind or transfer it to your psychic power center by thinking about the command and sending it to the forehead. Drive the command from the forehead down the nerve carrying the command to the part of the brain or body you want to control. Implant the psychic power command to the area and incite it to do as you wish.

Driving commands through nerves should not be done for longer than seconds at a time to prevent the nerves from adapting to the electrical impulses which stop them from responding to the command given. Driving the commands through the nerves can be done many times without waiting between each time and can be increased or decreased in intensity to stimulate a response from the nerves.

This would multiply your effectiveness as a human being by times. This is the reason why yogis do extraordinary things with their minds and bodies because they are tapping into that extra times that the rest of us do not use. Thanks x 5 WTF! Jan 7, The pdf is photographs of the book pages and some are out of order.

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I have decided to take this lesson over a period of 4 weeks. There are 7 sections, and each one has their own exercises in each part. My plan is to take Section A and B together this week. Week 3, I will add Section F and G. Week 4, I will practice the exercises that I believe I need more work on. I will post my progress as I go and on the 6th of February I will write a summary of my experience, my achievements, failures and take-home lessons for moving forward on this journey.

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On the 7th of February I will hopefully move on to Lesson 3. Section A: Ordering your conscious mind with your psychic power commands There are 7 exercises in this section which get progressively harder that train the nerve fibers of the primitive unconscious to be under the control of your psychic power command. These exercises are important because they bring your conscious mind to be under the control of your psychic power command without question by compelling your logical reasoning mind to accept the opposite of what it knows to be true through psychic power commands.

Exercise 1- Put your left hand in a bowl full of cool water and drive a psychic command from your forehead to the center of the head that the water feels warm. Exercise 2- Put your right hand in a bowl full of warm water and drive a psychic command from your forehead to the center of the head that the water feels cool. Exercise 3- Do both exercises above simultaneously to develop both halves of the brain to respond to different psychic commands at the same time.

Exercise 4- Switch the hands in 1, 2 and 3 as well as trying to drive psychic command to instantly feel warm or cool water in your hands. Exercise 5- Rest your hands in your lap and trying to drive psychic command to the left hand to feel warmer. Exercise 6- Try to drive psychic power command to the right to feel cooler. Exercise 7- Do both exercises above simultaneously. Section B: Developing your timing with your psychic power control These two exercises develop an internal clock ticking within that makes it invaluable to you so that you do not need to be so dependent on a timepiece.

Exercise 1- Try to use your psychic power drive to estimate the time at random without trying to guess, just know. Exercise 2 - Estimate how long it takes to do a task like reading a page or two of a book. Exercise 1- Pick a time to go to bed tonight and against all odds and obstacles in your way, make sure you are in your bed at the exact time with no distractions.

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Exercise 2- Start writing a letter to someone right now or pick a specific time tomorrow to do it. Pick another time next week to write a letter to another person. Exercise 3- For the above exercise, write a three-page letter to your correspondent in half an hour. Section D: Developing keener thinking for psychic power control Exercise 1- Pick a very deep book, open the middle of the book, pick a page and read it to at least two-thirds the way continuously.

Try not to dwell on words you do not understand, and just put a meaning to the word you feel makes sense and move on. Pick another similar book doing the same thing and try to do this exercise 4 times a week while trying to lengthen the number of pages being read a time.

Exercise 2- Select a pressing problem you have an issue with but no solution to and try to find the best solution to it without exhausting yourself. Exercise 3- Instantly select a practical solution to ending all warfare for all time. Section E: Putting your sensation recording center and your organ control center under psychic power control Doing this exercise can give you access to the same powers yogis have over their bodies to undergo suspended animation whereby they put their bodies into hibernation buried underground for weeks without air, food and water like bears and squirrels do during winter Exercise: Try to wear less clothes during cooler weather and use your psychic power control to make your body feel warmer.

This can be achieved by going outside or staying inside without heating during the cooler months or turning on the air conditioner in warmer weather, while in a good state of health and not overdoing things. Exercise 1- Stand across the room and stare at a spot on the wall straight in front of you. Close your eyes and walk in a straight line with hands extended in front of you making sure there are no obstacles in your way. Once you touch the wall, open your eyes to see how close you are to the spot. Exercise 2- Across the room from the spot, turn sideways to the left or right, close your eyes then try to reorient yourself forward, walk across the room till you touch the wall and open your eyes to assess how close you are to the spot.

Exercise 3- Repeat exercise 1 but from backing the wall entirely.

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