Faith of My Fathers: A Family Memoir

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If you already have an account, sign in. Each book is heavy with premonitions of mortality. Robert Jordan and John McCain each confront great tests the temptation to escape a doomed mission for one, the offer of early prison release for the other in the service of a lost cause the socialists in the Spanish Civil War, the Americans in Vietnam. And in accepting his fate, each makes peace with his father and grandfather.

Salter said when he heard the line. Both he and Mr. McCain were short about 5-foot-9 tough guys with volatile tempers and surprisingly soft voices.

Faith Of My Fathers by McCain, John; Salter, Mark

Friends say Mr. McCain wrote.

Faith Of Our Fathers (Fountainview Academy)

Brando played an outlaw known as Kid who kills a former accomplice-turned-sheriff named Dad and runs off with his stepdaughter. To Mr. Salter, Mr. McCain and his book. Political Theme. But Mr. McCain was still reticent about his experience in Hanoi. To fill in the details, Mr. Salter consulted the McCain family, Navy archives and fellow former P.

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Salter said he found a summary of what became the arc of the story in a quote tucked deep inside Mr. If John McCain had not had this Vietnamese experience, of prison, of solitude, of brutality, he would have just been one more Navy jock. Retelling his captivity as a coming-of-age tale was partly a literary device, Mr. Salter acknowledged.

A Family Memoir

By the time Mr. McCain, a Navy pilot, was shot down at age 31, he had already outgrown his extended adolescence, married and become a father, and gotten serious about his Navy career, he told Mr. Still, Mr. McCain also said more vaguely that he had matured in prison, that he had learned to see that life was about more than his career and his reputation, Mr. As Mr. In the memoir, Mr. Salter wrote for the senator. Senator McCain might have heard the sentiment, but he had never seen the quotation.

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To tie together the three generations of Mr. Salter wrote in Mr. Critics praised the book as a much more gripping tale than the usual Washington fare.

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Some who knew the senator and Mr. Salter, though, rolled their eyes at the heavy emotion and tidy moral. But when 1, people crammed into a church near Kansas City for a book signing on a September night in , Mr.

Writing Memoir, McCain Found a Narrative for Life

They quickly expanded a two-week book tour into a major part of Mr. McCain gave half the proceeds from his books to Mr. Salter, with the other half going to charity. When his captors realized McCain's impressive military legacy, they offered him early release.

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In what has now become a legendary act of heroism, McCain refused the offer and was subsequently tortured, held in solitary confinement, and imprisoned for more than five years. Faith of My Fathers is about what McCain learned from his father and grandfather, and how their example enabled him to survive. Told with humility, grace, and humor, it is a story of three imperfect men who faced adversity and emerged with their honor intact. It is a story to inspire and instruct, one that shows what fathers give to their sons, and what, ultimately, endures. admin